The Don’ts Of Home Improvement

The Don’ts Of Home Improvements

Are you planning to keep your home for only a few years? Then you should know that making these home improvements will unlikely increase your home’s resale value. A few of these bad home improvement ideas may shock you, they include:

1. Avoid The Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool not only can be expensive, it can also be a bad idea. It can make it very difficult to find a buyer. A lot of families with children, find a pool undesirable. This eliminates the number of home buyers that are looking for a family home. Having a pool also increases your costs of energy and your homeowner’s insurance will be higher because of a pool. Besides the cost, a pool requires maintenance and this is not seen as cheap.

avoid the swimming pool cost

The area in which you live determines if a swimming pool will be a positive selling point. These areas include Southern California and the Southwest. You could see a 30%-50% investment return for a pool. All other areas could have a negative impact on your home’s value, mainly because of the expensive costs to operate one.

But the good thing is that an investment in a pool is good if you plan to use it often for several years.

2. Rethink About That Gourmet Kitchen

If your dream is to have a commercial stove costing $10,000, you may want to rethink it because, in the end, they don’t really pay off while trying to sell. If moving is in your future then investing in a quality appliance that will appeal to many will be sufficient. Many buyers don’t want to see too much customization in a potential home.

Gourmet Kitchen Design

Keep up with trends by talking to your neighbors. Having expensive appliances will make your house look like the most expensive. Doing a kitchen remodel is a great idea, but making it an expensive one can be a potential turnoff to any buyers.

If your home is located in an upscale area, then it might be beneficial to upgrade to “gourmet” status. Buyers in these areas expect a gourmet kitchen especially if your neighbors also have them. But don’t expect that to mean you will see a return on investment.

3. Skip The Whirlpool Bath

Sure, a whirlpool bath sounds relaxing and can relieve a lot of stress from the day, but a lot of buyers won’t pay for a whirlpool bath that someone else installed. The costs of operating and installing one can be unfavorable too. What many homeowners don’t realize is that they will also need to install a hot water tank that will support the tub. They also need to keep in mind of the higher energy consumption and maintenance required.

That’s why you need to make sure to think twice before you install your whirlpool bath. The project cost alone can run into the thousands, and if a problem occurs you can expect a much higher cost.

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4. Avoid A Sun Room

As good as it may sound, a sun room adds very little to your home’s resale value. The monetary return isn’t even $500 after you spend around $1,000 for its construction. This is only around 49$-59% of your investment. Please remember that glass isn’t a very good insulator either, so your winter and summer energy costs may skyrocket and when they do you’ll know why.

If you live in a part of the country where you enjoy the sun daily like the South or have a beach house, then having a sunroom would make sense. If you do add a sunroom, it could actually give you an advantage in selling your home. It could create a more attractive look for certain buyers.