More Home Remodeling Do’s

6. Make Sure Your Insulation Insulates

Adding Energy-Efficient Insulation is practically a requirement these days especially when looking to buy a home. Nobody wants to buy a home that will cost more to live in if this wasn’t included.

If you update your home to save energy then you’ll see that you won’t have to worry about the high energy costs. This can be very appealing to buyers especially when you inform them of the amount of savings per year. Who wouldn’t like to save at least $2,500 per year by making simple improvements?

home insulation

The areas that need more insulation or are most prone to leaks include:

  • Door and window seals
  • Recessed lighting areas
  • The basement
  • Electrical sockets or light switches

Sealing cracks around your home can put extra money back in your pocket and make your home more energy efficient. The best time to check for seals is during the winter. If you feel a draft or cold spots then chances are there is a leak in the area. Purchasing a thermal leak detector can show you exactly where all your leaks are. After finding the leaks you can proceed to caulk or add insulation to the area.

Using CFL light bulbs in your light fixtures will save you at least $40 throughout the life of the light bulb. They use 75% less energy and last longer than traditional light bulbs. You will also save money on cooling costs because of the CFLs ability to emit 75% less heat and if you add up a number of light fixtures you have you can calculate your savings. So the less heat being emitted, the more money you’ll have in your pocket.

Another method of saving is to install programmable thermostats. With most buyers expecting to see this, it is a given to add one plus, they will save you money. So installing a programmable thermostat will save you $180 per year.

Adding a high-efficiency water heater may mean spending extra, but this is another feature savvy home buyers look for these days. Anything that trims the bill is always a plus. The amount you save depends on the amount of water you use. For example, if you use 40 gallons of water a day you will look at saving between 24% and 34% in heating costs.

7. Simple Upkeep

Simple upkeep’s like adding fresh paint can easily add value. Also, make sure to keep an eye on your roof when it starts to leak and fix when appropriate and replace any wood that is rotting or molding right away. These repairs may look like chores but it will make the difference between your home being sold or not. I never met a buyer that didn’t want a healthy home that was safe to live in.

fixing a leaky roof

Another good selling point is that potential buyers will see that the home was well cared for. So they will know that any improvements that were made will last for a while before having any new improvement or repairs done again.