Home Remodeling Do’s

3. Adding Much Needed Space

If you’re looking to add square footage, keep in mind of the extravagant expense it includes. So, although you will get a return of about 50%-80%, the project could easily get out of control. You can easily see it happen on the home improvement shows where the price starts at around $10,000 and the next thing you see is it now costing $25,000 or more because of problems.

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If your home has a basement, Signature Kitchen and Bath can easily transform it into another room or your attic into another bedroom. If your garage is big enough you can add an apartment on top which can easily give you an extra room to rent.

So, before you begin tearing down walls, think about how you or any future buyers could use the extra space. Many reasons for an extra room could include:

Creating versatility to give beautiful appeal – Your basement can become a “man cave.” What man doesn’t like that?

If you love crafts, the attic can be perfect for this or a game room for the kids.

4. Replace Those Single-Pane Windows

Every home buyer has energy efficiency on their mind and seeing single-pane windows is not what they want to see when buying a home. It’s a fact that energy efficient windows save you up to $500 in heating costs all simply by installing energy efficient windows.

Just by replacing those old single-pane windows, you will see a return of 60%-90% of the costs. Along with the energy savings, you’ll also receive a 10% green energy tax credit. That’s a nice chunk of change to receive just by installing Energy Star-rated windows.

According to Energy Star, the average window replacement costs anywhere between $7,500-$10,000. So if you make the investment, your yearly savings and tax credit will easily make the cost $0.

5. The Advantage Of A Deck

Not only is a deck going to add value to your home, but it is also more desirable to have an outdoor living space. This has become true for the fact that more people are starting to stay home while on vacation. If your deck and backyard look appealing to you and your family, then chances are that it will be appealing to prospective buyers as well.

Prices for a deck can vary and everything depends on the deck’s size, and any added features like built-in flower pots, seats or stairs. Your new deck costs could average anywhere between $1,200 and $10,000.

Home deck benefits

If you are able to build the deck yourself, you can easily save at least half of the cost. But keep in mind that it might not be as simple as you think. But if you have all of the necessary tools then you should have no problem pulling it off. But if you don’t have the needed tools like a bandsaw, then you can add the cost of the tools to your project, especially if you only use them one time.

If a contractor sounds like a better bet, make sure you shop around and don’t just hire the first one you come across. Do your homework about them, and check references prior to any work contract. The last thing you want to be is another home improvement scam victim. So make sure to check the BBB or Angie’s List to ensure the contractor is reputable.