The Do’s And Don’ts Of Home Remodeling

Today, there are many good and bad ideas that can substantially increase or decrease your home’s attractiveness. These can easily improve or decrease your overall quality of life. To enjoy the benefits, you must begin work on them now. If you decide to go green, you’ll guarantee yourself a huge return on the investment as soon as your project is complete. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while planning a home remodel project.

Modern kitchen design

The Do’s

1. Give Your Home A Kitchen Overhaul

Because of the kitchen being the heart of a home, updates can easily pay off in the long run. Homeowners have seen a 60%-120% of investment return just by remodeling their kitchen, but make sure you don’t overdo it, though. You never want your kitchen to look a lot better than any other part of your home.

Why A Deluxe Kitchen Is A Bad Idea

If you invest in a deluxe kitchen and plan to sell the home in five years, keep the prospective buyers in mind. Most buyers won’t even show interest if the kitchen outweighs other home features or even the age of the home itself. A prospective buyer needs to have an interest in the entire home, not just the kitchen and they won’t care if you paid $60,000 for the remodel.

Try A Little Paint

You’d be surprised to find out how much a little paint can help a lot. With the price of kitchen remodels soaring, a little paint will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Look into modern colors, these will add a lasting effect towards your kitchens look. Besides that, paint is not too expensive either.

bathroom remodeling ideas

Energy Saving Appliances

Replacing old appliances with energy-efficient appliances will save you a substantial amount of money. Plus, appliances that have an Energy Star rating are more environmentally friendly. This is a plus if you sell your home because potential buyers are always looking to save money.

2. Adding A Bathroom

For the one bathroom homes out there, you can easily see an 80%-130% return on your investment by adding another one. Simple as that.

Looking for a good place for an extra bathroom might seem tricky but just look at all of your unused space or any extra rooms like closets. For half-baths, you will need at least 18 square feet. For a full bath with shower, 30 square feet is required and for a bathtub, you need a minimum of 35 square feet.

bathroom remodeling ideas

Just like all other projects, bathroom remodeling phoenix az depends largely on the type you want as well as the additions cost. If you want your costs to be lower then periodically checking your home improvement stores for sales on toilets and sinks that were once floor models. Besides your home improvement stores, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is sure to have great prices on all toilets, fixtures, tubs and doors.